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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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2nd of the month

riding the Road a little intricate
our friend kindly sent his Son about six miles
with us to put us in our Road and in riding about
12 miles passed Sussex Courthouse

, crossed the line
of N. Jersey and N. York got a bait for our horses
and Glass of wine for ourselves with a kind
woman the wife of a now General
who’se a member of Congress for State
of N. York rode above thirty miles mostly in
a Valley Mountain and hill were as wall
on each side put us at Joseph H Drakes a
publick house near Chester a town nearly laid out,
50 miles it was computed we rode this Day

Third of the month

and 5th of the week rode to New

by the a North River side the hills so high
that we seemingly got on the Roofs of the houses
before by the timeby we see -- them this morning Rode about
20 miles here we Dined with Daniel Burns who
three years ago removed from Pensylvania his
mill appears to be calculated for much business
is within a few of the flowings of the River
side, after refreshing our selves and horses we set off &
12 miles riding reach'd Edward Halluck Father
in law of David Sands a pleasant agreeable
antient friend in the 77th year of his life the force
of his Mentalfaculties appears to be without