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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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30 of the 5 Month 1796 about 10 o’clock

out from home for the Indian Country. Cross'd
the river to Philadelphia

, rode to Germantown
6 miles when our company John Pearce, Joseph
, Isaiah Rowland, Enoch Walker,Henry
& myself met, likewise several other
Friends to see us start, the day wet and roads very
muddy got to David Cumminses to lodge in
9 miles Riding Here Log


morning wet road
by Buckingham

Meeting House so on the direct
way to Karels Ferry near by. Din'd at Oliver
s after which went to Howels Ferry in
23 miles Riding these crossed, and in riding about
13 more through what is called the great swamp
a wet stony unfertile appearance we came to &
lodged on Mount Prospect at Henry Cliftons
near Kingwood Meetinghouse.

6th month 1st

taking a rong road went had to ride 5 miles to no purpose
though thereby had a sight of very different prospects
and among others a prospect of Eastown

Musconecunch Creek at Jonstons mill and in riding
40 miles came to Jacob Lundas his wife’s name
Sarah a public Friend where we received a
Hearty welcome.