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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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retained to admiration he informed us that he
attended our yearly meeting last year, our horses
and selves being prety much wearied the horses by the rug
gedness of the Road there appearingnot having been accus
tomed to stony roads & not having a meeting before us
that We could attend with convenience it was concluded
best to lie by Seventh day & be at the meeting in this place
we is call'd New-malborough

meeting we likewise did &
attended the meeting on first Day which was but small
our stage was halfway from N. York to Albany eighty miles
from each first day afternoon J. Rowland unwell friend
Hullack inform'd me the Hierisicra put into Spirits the
proportion one ounce to a quart of Spirits is an extraordinary
medicine that he has been very subject to sick headach &
by taking a portion on thereof was believed & in other complaint
very useful.

Sixth of the month

& second of the Week our
selves Refreshed (except J.R. he much better than Yesterday)
& horses, Refresh'd left our hospitable friend, Houg E.

& his son James & families whose kindness we shall keep
in mind the antient friend bearing the Company Five miles on
our way then parted with him respectfully rode through
22 miles to Esopus the Country town houses built of stone cross'd
the ferry before we came to the town then from Esopus
24 miles further to the ferry opposite Katskill
come so late in the evening no conveniency of Crossing
the Creek the Sehow on the opposite side aground Tavern not very
a hospitable neighbour neighbor & wife kindly took us under his
Roof and our into his Pasture for the night

Third day of the week & Seventh of the month

this morning walked
a few rods from our lodgings to a view of a phenomenon on the
premises of our last night’s landlord Jacob Bogardus

he with us
which was the earth sunk on a body of between two & three
Acres to near sixty feet perpendicular to measure the