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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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Brother Town

Lands divide into and Numbered 149 lotts, 6 r Setled
Stockbridge 6 miles Square 90 families & 300 Individuals to 350 Dr Yearly
Oneida about 600 Individuals of Government Yearly 5000 Dollars from the State
& from general Government 700
Tuscaroras 12 famalies nothing from Government
Onandagos about 130 Individuals, Retain'd lands of 5 miles one
way & 4 the other, & have annually from the State of New-
York 1250 Dollars besides a Gratuity in Cloathing from the general Government
Cayugas consists of 77 Individuals, Retain of their lands 2 miles
Square they receive from the general government 500 dollars in goods
and 23000 Dollars from State of New-York for their land a late purchase
of which they have a share, about half of the tribe remaining on the

Number of the Senecas taken from Captain Chapins Account taken

Main Village at Buffalo Creek---384 Seneca's within a Year last White Chief's Village-----107 commited the following Robberies Cateraugarus-----225 of Captain Dudley in Canadarga Allighany Corn planter's 2 Villages-----331 Canadaway-----£70 Tawnawandis-----104 Crosset at Ghannesee River-----20 Canawagus-----22 Havers-----4 Chennesee Village -----91 Ewing-----14 Big Tree-----80 108 Squauhee Hill-----190 which as deducted at their
last payment, Crosoet after
Ha-oun-o-de-o-----113 he left the settlement on his way 1644 home several of them fell on him
and beat him and left him They
thought dead, having a particular
dislike from some dislike to him
on account his unfair dealing