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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of a Visit

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and Corn laying in it & altho we
were in the Second Story some of
our company complain'd hard of of disagre-
-able bedfellows and about midnight
were somewhat alarm'd by the Yeling of
the Indians one of our company enquire
ing whether it was wolves -- We understood
they were performing some kind of Ceremony
round a sick Child ----

This morning we committed a
sort speech to writeing which we thought
necessary to communicate to them at the
Counsel & a little after 10 O clock about
19 of their Chiefs & principle men
assembled in the Camber we lodg'd in,
& the Chief Warriors Wife with them --

Soon after being sealed the Chief
Warior Arose, and said "that four days
ago he had a message by Cornplanter

some of the Quakers was comeing to see them
We suppose (said he) you are the people
we heard of, and are glad and thankful