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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of a Visit

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cover'd with Large black Walnut & on
the South side of the River a fine Stream
of Water flowing thro' it forming a good
Millseat -- Rode down the River about
12 miles further to the Seneca

village, pasing
thro. the Village of Muncy or Deleware
who live near them -- We arivd
about three Oclock found the Indians
Generally at home and glad to see us --
Took our quarters at Waundeguhtas
the Chief Warriors house made ourselves
some chocolate and his wife was very kind
in helping us to such provisions as they had --
This evening we proposed to the Chief
Warrior meeting them in Counsel to mor-
row, to which he readily assented & ten
Oclock was the hour appointed for that
purpose ---


Last Night a little rain fell
with a good deal of thunder and Lightening
The Indians told us there had been no rain
there before for near 20 days -- We lodg'd
in a new house the Chief warrior had
built - the lower story of which was oc-
cupied as a Barn, haveing some Wheat