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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of a Visit

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for the service a considerable loss was sus-
taind -- and a very evident loss among the
Indians for want of a Chief qualified to
deliver their Speeches with ease and cor-
rectness, notwithstanding they had previ-
ously agreed upon the subjects of their com
munications --


The most of this day employ'd in write-
ing &c. In the afternoon Cornplanters

Sister (who is a principal woman and was pre-
-sent at the Counsel) came to see us and
told us she did not feel satisfied with
the Speech Silverheels made to us yeas-
terday - that it was a very bad speech,
& she hoped we would not make our
minds uneasy about it. She said she
was glad to see us & the Indians were
generally satisfied with us - and she
hoped we would be encouraged, for she
knew the Women wished the Girls to learn
& many of the Girls also wish'd to be in-
structed, & said our Women were fully
capable of instructing them -- Several
Girls came in the afternon and spun
and knit a little ----