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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of a Visit

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always thinking abou the Great spirit
and the have no crook in their mind, nor
dont follow bad ways -- One thing you told
us struck me very deep -- You said if we
done well here and pleas'd the Good Spirit
we should meet again in a better world --
I want you, when you go home, to tell
Jonathan Thomas

of the resolution I have
taken to do well, because he often told me
about these things, & advis'd me to do better --
Two of us have now agree'd to assist the
Chiefs and instruct the other Indians
& I hope we will try more and more to do
better for we know we dont all do right
about our Wives but we mean to try to do
better, and if the Chiefs dont do right we
will try to help them, & if one falls another
will help him up ----


(their Prophet so call'd)
then arose and spoke to the following
effect --

We have now told you all we
agreed to say, except a few words I will
ad - I thank our friends in Philadelphia

& I have it on my mind to do as you