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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of a Visit

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there is but one God, who made us all
and directs us all to do alike -- but we cannot
all agree as there is so many Sinners,
the reason is because we dont do as well

as we know how -- The Great Spirit orders
us all to do right ---

We suppose you thought when you came
to live among the Indians, the Great Spirit
would be pleased with you -- The Great
Spirit was not blind but could see every
thing, and was pleasd with your liveing
amongst us - as you have had no sickness
among you since you first came --

It was but a short time you assisted
us - for three years past you have
not lent us any tools, and when you
quit lending us tools we were like a
man sleep just wakeing out of a sleep
reach out his hands for help and you
withdrew the necessary assistance --
we still expected to get tools to Borrow after
you brought tools to sell to us - and
since we have found out the mind
of the Great Spirit, we think he is best
pleas'd when People use one another well,