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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of a Visit

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with a prospect that their Labours
among this people was under the direction
of best wisdom and the concern own'd by him
who hath called them to the work ----

Just before dinner Cornplanter

to see us and said he was glad to hear of
our Arival. He knew me and enquir'd
after my family - I gave several friends
love to him who had sent it by me, among
the rest John Parrish who he was wellpleas'd
to hear from and enquir'd particularly whe-
ther the Old Man was yet able to ride about -
he din'd with us had a good deal of conversa-
tion & said he would meet us in counsel

In the afternoon most of our Company
took a walk thro' part of the Adjacent
woods intended to be included in the survey
of this farm, and ascended a mountain
on the South side of the Farm (call'd
the South Mountain) nearly to the top
with considerable difficulty, climbing
over abundance of logs then overgrown
with Briars and Bushes -- from the