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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of a Visit

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general was much oppos'd to such conduct --
it also appear'd there was some little divisions
among the Indians with respect to their
Chiefs that several young men had rose
up of Considerable influence, and Cornplan-

was not esteem'd among them as a
principal Chief & that they had very late-
-ly been holding a general counsel among
themselves about these matters -- After
deliberating on these subjects and several others
that came under consideration it appear'd
necessary to form an address in writeing to
lay before them at the ensuing Counsel
and accordingly some essay was made for
that purpose --


This being Firstday we sat with our
friends in their oppertunity of religeous
retirement - John Bell

attended & two
Men our friends have employ'd in their
service - It was a comfortable season &
a renewed evidence felt that friends in
their secluded situation was in their
proper alottment, and at times comforted