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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of a Visit

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early and rideing down the Allegany River
arivd at the upper Settlements of Indians
near the Mouth of the Little Valley about
one Oclock. We stopt at Peter Sniders

feed our horses and take some refreshment
ourselves & a number of Indians collected
about us, most of them knew one & seem'd
much pleas'd with our comeing--

This was about 12 Miles Above Tunesassa

and as we past down the River we found
a good road open'd by the Indians most of the
way saw a large number of Cornfields,
many new Settlements made, and several
small villages built since I left
them six years before-- Many of the Indians
came to shake hands with us as we rode along
expressing their Joy to see us, in their usual way
of exultation-- We ariv'd at Tunesassa
a little before sunset, found our friends Jacob
, Joel Swayne, Benjamin Cope his wife
Rachel, & Hannah Jackson all well, much
pleas'd to see us and gratifyed with hearing
from their Relations and friends and receiving