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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of a Visit

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in the woods near one of the head springs
of the Alligany River --

This Morning was very Cool for the Time
of year and a large white frost which nearly
destroy'd the Buckwheat in that settlement
and injur'd the Corn very much--Agreably
to an appointment of Isaac Bonsals

, today
at ten Oclock a Meeting was held with the
few Settlers in this place. Mary Bell, with
her Children attended and several others to
the amount of near twenty in number, &
I.B. had good Counsel to communicate--

After dineing with F.K.

we rode to Major
Hoopes's settlement at the mouth of Issue on
Allegany River, 12 Miles. and was entertain'd
in a friendly and hospitable manner--
This evening two Indians with whom I
was acquainted arived here from thier settle-
ment at Tunessassa, on their way to Genesee
They also know me, seem'd glad to see us,
said our friends at Tunesassa were well and
would look for us in a day
This morning was