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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of my Residence among the Indians continued (Notes 2nd)

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manner -- You have not walked in the
strait path pointed out by the great coun-
-cil of your nation -- you have no writeing
from our Great father the President. In make-
-ing up our minds we have looked back and re-
membered how the Yorkers purchased and lands
in former times. They bought them piece after
piece for a little money paid to a few men
in our nation and not to all our Brethren
untill our planting & hunting grounds have become very
small - & if we sell these we know not where to
spread our blankets --

Brother you tell us your employers have purchased
of the Council of Yorkers a right to buy our lands
we do not understand how this can be the
lands do not belong to the Yorkers they are
ours and were given to us by the Great Spirit

Brother, we think it strange that you should
Jump over the lands of our brethren in the
east and came to our council fire so far off
to get our lands. When we sold our lands in
the East to the white people, we determined
never to sell those we kept which are as small
as we can live comfortably on --

Brother you want us to travel with you
and look for other lands. If we should sell our
lands and move off into a distant countrey
towards the Setting Sun, we should be look'd