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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of my Residence among the Indians continued (Notes 2nd)

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The Speech of Red Jacket

a chief
of the Seneca Nation in answer to a
Speech of one Richardson who applied
to the buy the Indians right to the reser-
-vations lying in the territory commonly
called the Holland purchase delivered (at
a Council held at Buffalo Creek in may
1811 --

Brother we opened our ears to the talk
you lately delivered to us at our council
fire. In doing important business it is
Best not to tell long stories but to come
to it in a few words. we therefore shall not
repeat your talk which is fresh in your minds
we have well considered it, and the advantages
and disadvantages of your offers. we request
your attention to our offers answer which is
not from the speaker alone but from
all the Sachems and chiefs now round our
Council fire --

Brother We know that great men as well
as great Nations haveing different interrest
have different minds, and do not see the same
subject in the same light, but we hope our
answer will be agreable to you and your
employers --

Brother your application for the purchase
of our lands is to our minds very extra-
-ordinary. It has been made in a crooked