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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of my Residence among the Indians continued (Notes 2nd)

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to Williamsport

where I din'd -- fine cultiva
ted farms along the River this stage and great
Crops of Grain -- also a little village call'd
Newberry near Licoming Creek -- At Williams
the County Courts are held for Lycoming
a prosperous little village in which
is five taverns & situate in a fertile Countrey.

In the afternoon met with 15 Waggons Loaded
with families moveing from Bucks county

out to Genesee and Niagara -- A number
of Women and Children were on foot drive
ing herds of Cattle before them--

About dark ariv'd at Muncy

Lodg'd at our friend Wm. Ellises a man
of Great possessions and wonderful building
on his farm -- 30 miles to day --


Set out about 10 Oclock and rode to

about 30 miles -- the most
of the way a hilly Barren Countrey
coverd with pitch pine, yet the soil
in places natural for Grain & Grass
where settlements are made --
about 10 miles from Catawessy I saw