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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of my Residence among the Indians continued (Notes 2nd)

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they were tir'd of this place and determi
ned to move further back in the woods--
I concluded they were as far back in the wood
already as I should like to settle, but there
appears to be a Class of people advanc'd in
civilization but one degree about Indians
that cannot live contented when the inha-
bitants crowds in upon them -- the like
to be on the frontiers of the Countrey
their children are brought up without
education & indulg'd in the habits of
Savage life, whereby their morals are
greatly corrupted, and often prove pernitious
examples to the poor aborigines of the
Land -- Near the mouth of pine Creek
in a body of exelent Land some well cultiva
ted farms and Large fields of good Grain --
At Lodg'd at Morrisons Tavern where I got
good entertainment --


In the morning cross'd the Creek again
where it was about 100 yards wide (after have
ing cross'd it I suppose more than 50 times in
that many miles distance) and rode down
the west Branch of the Susquehannah