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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of my Residence among the Indians continued (Notes 2nd)

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the first Locusts which were there in great
numbers -- Cross'd the ferry near the
mouth of fishing Creek, and rode into Catawessy

about sunset a pleasant little village
containing about 80 houses, & lodg'd at
Isaiah Willits Tavern --


Set forward early and rode this
day about 40 miles to Pensingers

tavern -
The most of the way a barren mountain
ous Countrey a few valleys excepted about
the head waters of Schuylkill River -- plenty
of Taverns on the Road to accommodate Travelers.
Lodgd at Pensingers - the evening very wet --


Rode 9 miles to Carterstown

before Break-
fast - a pleasant little village containing
60 or 70 houses mostly Dutch people - situ-
ated on the fertile Banks of the Schuylkill
River - in thence thro' Reading and on
to Pottsgrove in the evening where I had
the consolation to meet with my beloved
Kinsman Jacob Lindley and his wedding
Guests haveing that day taken to wife
the worthy Ruth Anna Ruther a
Citizen of that place -- on reflecting