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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of my Residence among the Indians continued (Notes 2nd)

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poor distressed people will not be lost but thro'
faithfulness in those called thereunto be in
due time crown'd with a degree of the desired
success at least so far as to leave them with-
out excuse, and perhaps be like bread cast
upon the waters which may be gathered
after many days --


Being the day appointed for my leaveing
the Indian Countrey Corn-planter

came early in
the morning to take leave of me and return'd
many thanks for my services amongst
them, also desired me to remember him to
my people, and wish'd I might get home
safe and find my people all well, and in
particularly desired me to tell the Chiefs of
the Quakers that he was very thankful
for their kind endeavours to instruct
them in a life of civilization and believ'd
the Great Spirit above was well pleas-
ed with them it -- My intended route
being up the Allegany River and across
to the waters of the Susquehannah Corn-
thought proper that three
Indians should accompany a part of the
way One to take my Creature by land
and two to take me in a Cannoe by water