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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of my Residence among the Indians continued (Notes 2nd)

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We told them that some time ago they had
made us a small present of some money which
we were not willing to keep and had therefore
concluded to add as much to it of our money
as would purchase them a Yoke of Oxen for
the use of that Town -- Several matters were
spoken too by our company for their encourage
ment in a sober industrious life, and Cornplanter

enquireing which way I intended to go home I told
him up the waters of this River and from thence
across to the susquehannah - he then concluded
sending some of his people with me a part of the
way and said he would come and see me set out on the
Journey -- Our interview lasted two or three hours
and ended to good satisfaction an openness still
appearing among the Indians towards us as at
the begining, and the way appear'd clearly open
in my View, to leave them, feeling nothing but
love towards them as at the begining, and the
reward of peace for my feeble endeavours to render
their lifes more comfortable and happy --

And notwithstanding their advancement in
the work of civilization was but slow and no
very great progress as yet observable there is sufficient
cause to hope the work is gradually advan-
cing, that the Labour bestowd upon that