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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of my Residence among the Indians continued (Notes 2nd)

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Indians collected when four new come friends certi
ficate from the Committee on Indian affairs was
read and explaind to them with which they
appeard well satisfied and said it was true what
our friends had told them last fall that if any
other young men should incline to come and live among
the Indians they would be encouraged to come for-
ward good by civilization and they were
well pleas'd with the Quakers being among them for
they thought it was so ordered by the Great Spirit--

I then told them I was about to take up my
pack and go to my own Countrey -- that I had
lived very happy this two years among them
endeavouring to be useful to them and was
thankful to the Great Spirit that all that
time we had lived together like Brothers and in good
friendship, & they must not think hard of
my leaveing them for I still desired their prosperrity
and welfare and hoped the would gradually
come forward in the good work of civilization
and be strong in their resolutions to overcome
that great evil strong drink -- Several
further remarks were made to them but for
want of an interpreter well qualified for the
business we could not explain matters so fully
as was desirable --