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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of my Residence among the Indians continued (Notes 2nd)

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I would inform their Old friends in Philadel

of their talk, but we could not tell whether
any of our society would come to live among them
or not, yet we would still remember them &
be their friends, and when the got their saw
mill built if the wanted any assistance about
it or instruction to work with it some of our
company from the Allegany would be willing
to come and spend some time with them &
that in addition to some hoes and Axes that
were comeing forward for their use we would
add a set of plow Irons, for all which they
returnd many thanks and thus our inter-
view ended to good satisfaction, a favourable
openness we thought appearing Among the
Indians at that place for further endeavours
being used to promote the work of Civilization.
About noon we set off homewards, call'd by
the way to see the Delaware Indians, lodg'd
again under an Indians camp and reach'd
Allegany next day about two Oclock --


The Indians being return'd from

we all went down in a Cannoe
to Conishadaga to Meet them in counsel
haveing sent them word the evening before --
Shortly after we ariv'd a Number of the