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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of my Residence among the Indians continued (Notes 2nd)

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Also that they were determined to try to help
themselves and lay up money to purchase
useful articles to go to farming with for the pitied
their poor women and saw it was too hard for them
to do all their Labour and work out in the hot sun.
and altho the could not ask any more favours
of us - they were desirous we should remember
them, and as we saw on knew their poor situation
they would leave it to ourselves to do whatsoever
we thought best for them, but one thing in
particular (they said) we desire you to remem-
ber that we are a poor Ignorant people and for
want of Learning, in the course of our dealings
with the white people have been greatly wronged
and Lost much of our property -- we want some
of our Children instructed that they may
have their eyes open'd and be able to do the
business of our nation, and if any of your
society will come and live amongst us and
instruct our Children that rich flat which
we were viewing yeasterday we have set apart
for them to live upon and it shall be for them
as long as the choose to stay on it" --

We told them we were glad to hear the resolu
tions they had formed and desired they
might be strong and keep to them, and that