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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of my Residence among the Indians continued (Notes 2nd)

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one shilling of our annuity kept back on account
of the misconduct of our warriors -- we are deter-
mined to persevere in the resolutions we have formed
and altho' we may not yet make much progress in
this way yet we look forward to our Children and think
the instruction of our friends Quakers will have a
lasting good effect on them -- we therefore think
our friends may afford us assistance as the see
encouragement and according as our conduct deserves."

This was in substance repeated to us at this
time and the Young Chief also made some
further observations desireing that I might tell
their Old friends the Quakers when I went home
that they were exceedinly thankful for the
kindnesses shewn them and the assistance we
had already given them that they were now
determined to follow our advice as far as they were
Able, and to spill all the Whisky that traders
should bring among them for sale -- & that we
must not think they were offended at us try
ing to make them sensible of their weaknesses
for even their young men & young women
rejoiced to hear it and were in hopes their
hands would grow stronger that they might
be enabled to gain the victory --