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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of my Residence among the Indians continued (Notes 2nd)

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he had appointed this day for us to meet together -
We call you Brothers because you are willing to instruct
us and we thank you for takeing the pains
to call to see us - we now want to enquire of
you concerning a speech we sent down to Philadel-

last winter to our friends - Quakers - we
have had a great deal of difficulty about the sale
of our lands, and much counseling together have
got this piece reserved for ourselves to live upon -
we have looked round on every side to see if
there was any people that regarded the good
Spirit so much as to deal Justly and honestly
with us - we heard of the Quakers that they
were honest and might be depended on, & we
unanimously agreed in counsel to apply to
them for assistance and instruction, and in
the first place requested them to furnish us with
a set of Sawmill Irons which they have kindly
granted and sent forward -- we often consider
our wild situation and sometimes think we
are too wild to become a civilized people, but
we have come to a resolution to try all we
can, and now their is not any body can
charge the people of this Town with doing any
damage or Mischief neither has there been