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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of my Residence among the Indians continued (Notes 2nd)

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appear'd satisfied -- I also thought proper to inform
them that I was now about to leave the Indian
Country and go home to any friends, that I had been
very happy in liveing this thwo years among their
Brethren on the Allegany River endeavouring to be
useful to them, and that I felt so much regard for them
as to come and see them before I left their Countrey
that I was well pleas'd in viewing their Land and
glad the had reserv'd such a fine piece of Land to
live upon, and was desirous they might use all
endeavours to cultivate this Land that they might
came to enjoy plenty to live upon -- also that I
heard of their resolutions to quit the use of Strong
drink, and hoped they might be strong in them
so as to gain a victory -- After some further re-
marks the Young war Chief (who appears to be
a man of an active understanding) made a reply
that he was thankful the Great Spirit above
had preseved such a fine day for us to meet together
and that we appear'd to be of one mind -- And
then repeated a Speech nearly in substance
to what he had delivered to Jacob Taylor

Jonathan Thomas about two weeks before, which
which was as follows "We feel happy to see you
arive at our Town & thank the great Spirit
for preserveing you safe on the Journey as if