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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of my Residence among the Indians continued (Notes 2nd)

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one Cow to give us milk, and that it was hard
we had not plenty of Milk that we might
go and buy ourselves another good Cow, and insisted
upon us takeing the money, which as it was
given as a present from the Indians we accepted
though with much reluctance, but concluded to give
them the value of it in something else that would
be of as much use to them --

The 25th of this month

in the morning arived
our friends Jacob Taylor

and Jonathan Thomas
whom we had some expectation of for several
weeks past -- Their arival to me was glad
tideings of much Joy, as I had since receiving
the last letter from my father some expect
Anxiety to hear of some comeing forward to
unite in endeavouring to promote the welfare
of the Natives in this Quarter - but now the
Addition of two valuable experienced friends
caused those anxieties to subside and the way
appeard to open with considerable Clearness
for me to look towards my native land
with gladening Sensations which appear'd to
mingle with the expectations and desires of
some of my relations and concern'd friend who
visited me with several acceptable letters by
the late oppertunity --