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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of my Residence among the Indians continued (Notes 2nd)

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which amounted to three dollars a Soul they call'd
us into the house and inform'd us that the had
reserv'd a little for us -- Observeing that we had
now been a great while among them trying to do
them good and had given them a great deal, &
said they knew we were not in the way of hunt-
ing to get meat as they did, that we had to buy
Skins to make ourselves Mokinsons, and that
it was very hard if they should never give us
any thing to help us to get our liveing --

We replied the offer was very kind of
them but that we did not stand in need
of any assistance - that we came among them
to do them good and try to learn them the
good ways of the White people, and that we
often had told them we wanted nothing
from them for all our trouble, but when
we stood in need of any money to buy provisions
our friends gave it to us, that we did not
depend on the forrests for meat but killd
the Pig and the Cow, and that many of
the Indians was very kind to us when
they killd plenty of meat they often gave
us share --


then observ'd we had but