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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of my Residence among the Indians continued (Notes 2nd)

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6 mo the 2nd

Went down to the lower Village

with Jacob Taylor and Jonathan Thomas, Corn
and a number of his people being gone to
Pittsburgh prevented us from haveing an interview
with the Indians to inform them generally of
the intentions of our newly come friends but
the few that were at home appeard respectful
and glad to see them --

8th of the month

An express came from
the Cataraugus Indians that the Millwrights
were ariv'd at Buffalo Creek

who had undertaken
to build their Saw Mill and was therefore desirous
that some of us might go over and give them
a little assistance in planing the business, as
they had such a Grant from Jacob Taylor and
Jonathan Thomas if call'd upon -- Altho, I was
only waiting for the Indians return from Pitts
to take leave of this place and return to
my native land, this intelligence from Cataraugus
reviv'd some desires to Which before had
to town see that place, again before I left the Countrey &
therefore Jacob Taylor and myself concluded
to set forward next morning on the Journey.


Accordingly set out about 8 Oclock and
rode thro' the woods till near sundown, came
to the Delaware Indians

hunting Camp found