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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of my Residence among the Indians continued (Notes 2nd)

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immediately pursued him and stab'd him
throw the heart so that he expird in a few minutes
The murderer stay'd about and saw him expire
without any appearance of conviction or dismay
and was not apprehended at that time tho
numbers of White people were present --

While we were speaking with Cornplanter

a member came in to tell him of another murder
that was committed a few days before among
his own people -- Two Indians that were brothers
being down the River about Stump Creek a hunt-
ing differed between themselves and the oldest kill'd
the younger -- This latter appear'd to be the dread
ful efforts of strong drink that great engine of
Human wretchedness which too many alas that
are called Christians are earnestly contending for
the use of notwithstanding the dismal effects it
produces in almost every quarter of the land and
more particularly among these poor Ignorant
inhabitants of the wilderness -- These affecting
Circumstances and many others produced by
the use of Spiritous Liquors together with some
occurrences that took place during the late
Council at Buffalo Creek caused Corn-plan
to write to Congress on the Occasion --

After the Indians had divided their money