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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of my Residence among the Indians continued (Notes 2nd)

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About this time Cornplanter

and a member
of his people went to Buffalo Creek to receive their
yearly annuity from Goverment at which
place a general Council of the Seneca Nation was
held where the Superintendant of Indian affairs
Attended -- On their return Corn-planter
requested us to attend at their Village when
the collected to divide their money which we
did accordingly the 8th of this month, Corn-
then informd us of their proceeding
at the Late Counsel at Buffalo Creek and of
the disunity that was like to take place
among the different tribes -- also gave us a
sorrowful account of a Murder that was com-
mitted at that place during his stay there,
by an Indian who lived in the Genesee
Countrey. -- In the house of Wm. Johnson
a Negro Man was playing with a Child
that was runing about the Floor - The Indian
comeing in said to him You are a Negro, you
have no business here, do you go away -- but
the poor Black man little thinking his
doom was so near paid little attention to him
but being told the Indian had a knife in
his hand he flew back to the wall, &
the Indian without any further provocation