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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of my Residence among the Indians continued (Notes 2nd)

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on Indian affairs which informd us that the
two Young Men - (Jacob Taylor

and Jonathan Thomas)
who had been residenters at the Onieda settlement
did not appear releast from further service among
the Indians and that there was some expec-
tation of them comeing to spend some time at
our settlement which was encourageing and
comfortable intelligence to me as I had for
several months past had a prospect of being
releast from the present engagement the
ensuing summer, haveing inform'd the
Committee on Indian affairs thereof
accordingly --

5th month the 4th

Receivd a letter from
my Father

in which he express much
desire for my return before the ensuing
Harvest if the way should open for it, men
tioning his bodily infirmities were much
encreased so as to render him incapable
of takeing the necessary care of his concerns
which created a little anxiety in my mind
on his account as the prospect of my get-
ting away that soon was somewhat uncertain
no certain accounts haveing yet arived of
others comeing forward to keep up the
settlement at this place --