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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of my Residence among the Indians continued (Notes 2nd)

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collectd together when I found the writeing
they wanted done was a speech which Corn-plan

Brother was going to make respecting what
(he saith) he had seen in a trance some time
before, which I would willingly have evaded write
ing but could not without giveing offence to the
Indians which I though best to avoid at that time.

The old man related several strange things
which he said was shown unto him, all which
I wrote but shall avoid inserting here - and after
the whole was related they desired me to tell them
my opinion of it and whether I thought
it was true -- But I told them I had, had but
little time to think about it and could not
tell, and therefore avoided giveing them an
answer at that time -- Then the Council
ended and next day I return'd home --

29th of the month

By a certain Francis

who was setled on the waters of
this River about 60 miles above us we received
a number of Letters from Philadelphia
and also from our relations in the
adjacent parts which after a long winter
in which we had receivd but little informa
tion from them was truly satisfactory

We also got intelligence from the committee