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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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The following is copied from a Newspaper
1 mo. 1811 To the Legislature of Virginia

The Memorial and Petition of the
religious society of friends commonly called Quakers
Respectfully showeth:
That your Memo-
rialists expanding the high regard with which
the Legislature will be disposed to consider every
Subject with which the Legislature will be dis-
posed to consider ever ry affecting the great
principals of civil and religious liberty beg leave
to solicit your attention to the militia laws of
this Commonwealth and to the incompatibility
which sometimes results between the requisition of
Law and the obligations of religious duty.

For this enlightened age and country and before this
Legislature your memorialists conceive it unnecessary
to urge the unalienable rights of conscience as to
adduce any arguments to show that the relations
between man and his maker Creator neither can
nor ought to be prescribed by any human authority.
It is unnecessary because the preposition is self
evident and especially because it is one of the fun-
damental principals when which the civil and
political institutions of this country are