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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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Copy of an address to the Indians of Cataraugus Village --

Your Friends the Quakers in Phila-

received a letter which you sent to our
young men Who live at Genesinguhta on the
Allegany River in which letter you say you
want to build a saw Mill and request them
to help you to get the Irons, and also desire
some instruction to put you in a better way
of farming –

Brothers we write to you on behalf of
your friends the Quakers in Philadelphia

We have lately been to see our young Men
at Genesinguhta and our brothers the Indi-
ans whom they are endeavouring to instruct
in farming, and we were pleased to find that
some of the Indian men are beginning to help
their Women to work and raise Corn and make
fence –We were also at Cataraugus and would
have been Glad to have seen you, and taken
you by the hand, but understood you chiefs
were not at home – We now inform you
the saw mill Irons are made and on the
way comeing to be placed under the care of