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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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Received 3 mo. 29 1800 Philadelphia 2 mo. 22 1800
Dear Friends,

Your Letter to the Committee
on Indian affairs dated 16 Ultimate was
duly received and afforded much satisfaction
to find you were preserved in health, and
that your situation was rendered comfortable
during the inclemency of the present Season.

Various consideration have induced the
Committee to believe it right to withdraw our
friends from the Oneida Nation

– Several
of the Indians have been instructed in the
best mode of tilling their land and two
or three young men have acquired so much
knowledge in the Smiths business as to be able
to do what may be wanted in that line for
the use of the Nation so that by proper ap-
plication on their part they will be essen-
tially benefitted by the labor bestow'd upon
them – Jacob Taylor & Jonathon Thomas
attended the meeting of the Committee this
day; neither of them appear to be fully
releas'd from a prospect of further service
among the Indians, We are therefore not with
out a hope of the subject being so matured in their