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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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12th month 28thWe received the following Letter
from the Indians of Cataraugus VillageBrothers Friends Quakers at the Allegany

We have received your letter that you wrote and
left with Wm. Johnson

at Buffalo creek – we have
Got a full understanding of what you wrote in your
Letter – The instructions you gave pleases us very
much in general – you may rely upon it that we
are going to follow your directions, for we have swallow
it in our breast and heart –

Now Brothers we must inform you that we are
a going to lay up money to buy Cattle and other
useful articles 250 Dollars, and for the following
year we mean to lay up as much more –

The mill is a going on all agree when we are ready
we will call on our friends the Quakers, we
wish you to give us all assistance you can when
we come to build, so that we don’t give too much
for our works, our minds are determined to have
our Brothers, Friends Quakers to oversee –

We have fully determined to throw up drink-
ing Whisky – and if there comes Traders on we
have determined to order them off the Ground


We hope you will keep your mind strong