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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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as you was at first, and we return you great
thanks for the kindness you have done already.

Our principal women return you their hearty
thanks, they understand that their friends
Quakers is going to give them assistance-

Tak con non dee Won two guh tah se noch quo gau Te ni an nee
The following we wrote to them in answer -- To the Chiefs and others of Cataraugus Village – Friends and Brothers

We received your letter in
Company with the one you wrote to Captain

, and are glad to find you got a full
understanding of what our friends wrote to
you at Buffalo Creek and that the instructions
they gave you pleases you generally –

Now Brothers we did not see that speech
which our friend left at Buffalo Creek for you
but as you say you are determined to take their
advice and have already swallow’d it down in
your breast, we hope you will often remember