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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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with us, would it be amiss for you to look
round you for some thoughtful well-dispos'd
elderly Female Native, who may be tractable, &
willing to be instructed in domestic economy
the needful affairs of a kitchen etc.

Your takeing an Indian Lad to instruct in
Farming and such other business as he may
be capable of needs our approbation

The Friends who were at Oneida

and those
who went about the same time you left us all
remain there, and have been favour'd to enjoy
a good state of health – We have receiv'd sa-
tisfactory accounts from them respecting
the improvement of some of they Indians, &
several Lads have undertaken to learn the
Smiths business

In respect to the application of the
Cataraugus Indians

, we may inform you
the same has received our serious attention
and deliberation which is intended to be
Confirmed and the result communicated
to you – in meantime (as we are desirous