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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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what must probably have occurred to your obser-
vation as well as ours, that Indians build large ex-
pectation on very slight grounds; caution is therefore
requisite, that we may rather exceed than fall short
of what they may be led to look for at our homes.

The school instruction of the Indian youth is
a desirable object, for which were it convenient,
their coming to you would seem more satisfactory
than you dividing to go a distance to them
for as council and strength appertain to union;
we wish you as inseparable as the nature of
the concern will admit Your reasons for
desiring a discreet Family may be encoura
ged to come and reside at your settlement we
doubt not are weighty, and the subject is serious
by before us, tho’ doubts have been suggested,
whether it may yet be reasonable to invite
females to so material a change of life at a distance
so great, till the manners and Customs of the
Natives become more assimilated to the modes
and principals of civilized life; while the con-
sideration of this matter is under deliberation