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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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And Brothers, if you conclude to assist us
in this time of need and necessity we
desire you would help us to a set of saw
mill Irons—

An we are your friends, Sa os non da Won,two,guh,ta Ti,an,na Se nahc to gura Goo,ty,gont In this year of our Lord 1799
Fifth letter to the Committee 4th mo. 21st 99 Dear Friends,

The occasion of our writing
to you at this time is on account of the en-
clos'd Letter which we received from the Ca-
ttaraugus Indians

a few days ago, and after
due deliberation on the subject, we forward
it to your consideration, believing there
is a favorable opening for help profit
ably to be administered to the Indians of that Village, and
as they are a part of the Seneca Nation to