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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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whome our Certificate was addressed; they
have an Idea that they ought to be partakers
of the instruction and assistance our society
have propos'd affording that People—

Their present situation is favourable for the
promotion of civilization amongst them,
having a reservation of 42 Square Miles situate on
Cataraugus River adjoining Lake Erie
and land of a superior quality several hundred
Acres of which is already clear'd of the tim-
ber—They have several head of horse
Creatures and a good many Cattle, but
are very desirous of haveing somebody among
them to instruct their children, learn
them the art of Farming and also sup-
ply them with some necessary implements
to carry on that business which they are
not able to purchase themselves as we were
lately informed by one of their chiefs.
We understand there are several good
Millseats on their Land: and altho we con-
sider the smallness of our Funds established for