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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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removed from this Earthly Scene in the City—
and many have ended their lives in the neigh-
boring country: But it is not Philadelphia

alone that has to mourn her slain, several parts
of the country adjacent lossed some of their
most valuable Members—About thirteen
of the friends who came to the City at the
usual time of holding the Yearly Meeting were
by this Disease removed (amongst whom
were Warner Mifflin & James Emlen two mem
bers of our Committee, Joseph Slone another
member died some time before whether of
the prevailing disease I know not)

The neighboring Villages particularly those
on the Delaware were Deep snares in this great
affliction, of these perhaps Chester

and Wilming
were most Conspicuous, as in the first
thirty-seven Persons are said to have died, and
of the remainder of the inhabitants it is
also said but five families staid in their Ha-
bitations, the others seeking safety in flight
which also was generally the case in Wilmington