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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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We may also inform you we are hard set
to keep enough of the falling axes at home for
our own use if a few more was sent the would
be acceptable The Cattle and some of these
articles we expect by your order may be procured
at Pittsburgh

and altho’ some of them may not
be immediately wanted here we think it will
be the best economy to send them altogether
as it is difficult and expensive getting things
conveyed to us—The Sythes that were sent last
Spring were not suitable for the purpose, and
the drawing knives were too short and Slim

If a Smith or other well qualified Person
should offer we hope He will be encourage
ed to come forward, as there is a probability
of one of us being profitably stationed at
the lower Village, to superintend the School
and other wise endeavor to promote the
desirable work of Civilization—and Henry

now expressing a prospect of being
releas'd from this place the latter end of next