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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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a great accommodation to us if a good Milk
Cow was sent with them, and the one we have at
present will do for Beef next Fall

We also think it may tend to the promotion
of the work and believe it expedient to Submit
to you the consideration of sending us the
following articles as early as practicable next
Spring to Wit

A Set of Smith Tools 1 Bar of Iron 1 do steel 1 faggot of Nail rods 1 pair of Cart Wheels 1 Doz. Sythes made Short & Strong 3 or 4 Sickels 6 Sets of Sythe Hangings 6 long Drawing knives 2 Broad Axes 2 Firmer Gouges [illegible abbreviations]
2 Mill Picks to make Grindstone 1 piece of Strong Cloth 1 do of Ticklenburgh or strong linen 1 do of Blanketing a few dozens of pocketknives
a few do of coarse and fine Combs Some coarse Needles & thread 1 Peck of Flax seed 1 do of Timothy seed ½ do Clover Seed 2 Doz. Spelling Books 3 or 4 do. Trimmers 6 Testaments 6 Slates & Pencils 1 or 2 School Masters assistants Some writing papers & Quills 2 Bushels of Salt 3 Barrels of Flower Some Chocolate