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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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as can reasonably be expected: and we have had
in contemplation the propriety of erecting a
School house at that place the ensuing Summer
as the Children are principally there, we think
it will be of the most general utility, which
we submit to You—The most of the
Cloth, Linen, etc. which You sent with us, we
have exchang'd for Meat, Boards, and other
Necessaries we stood in need of, and a little of
it we sold for money to accommodate they
Indians at a price to reimburse the accruing expen
ses of bringing it here—

We think it will be necessary for us to be furnish'd
with a Yoke of Oxen to go on with Farming the
ensuing Summer, as one of our horses is a
little lame and the ground very hard to break
up and we wish to be able to assist they Indians
a little at Farming—We sent you word in
our last letter that we had purchased a dry Cow
which we since find is not likely to supply us with
Milk, and if a Yoke of Oxen is sent it would be