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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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-ening us in our present engagement—
We expect there are letters from you delayed at

or Franklin for want of opportunities
of forwarding them to us, which is very rare
at this Season of the Year otherwise we would write
oftener to you than we do

We received a plentiful increase of the most
of our Summer produce, and also prepared ground
to sow several bushels of Winter Grain, but the
River being so low we got disappointed in getting
Seed, altho’ we wrote to Pittsburgh

for it soon
after Harvest and our Agents there forwarded
it to Franklin for us—We expect it to
come forward in the Spring and do to sow
another year—Several of the Young Indians
manifest some inclination to take up work, and
last fall we had one employ'd a while at our
business—We have kept up a School at
Conishadaga this Winter in one of the Indians
Houses where from 12 to 25 Children have attended
who appear to make as much progress in learn-