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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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2nd Letter to the Committee 11th mo. 16th 1798
Wrote by my companions when I was on a Journey.
Dear Friends

Since we wrote to you we received
a letter from Thomas Wistar

which gave us an
account that the Yellow Fever had again been
permitted to visit the City of Philadelphia,
no doubt but it has been a very distressing time
to many--We have been employed the
latter part of this Season in building a comfortable two
story log house 18 by 22 feet, covered with
Pine Shingles, Sellar’d underneath, and the
Chimney composed of Stone and Clay--
We have erected a good stable large enough
to accommodate our Horses and a Cow, also
assisted several of the Indians in building
etc. We have lately bought a dry Cow of one
of the Indians who was desirous of parting
with her, in hopes that she will supply us
with Milk next Summer--

We expect shortly to commence a School