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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Geneninguhta [Correspondence]

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24 of 10th mo. We received the following of
Thomas Wistar who was appointed to answer our
Letters on behalf of the Committee when nothing
of importance required their Uniting therein-- Dear Friends,

At a meeting of the Indian
Committee held last month, your joint Letter
was read the contents whereof was very satisfactory
to such of the Members as were present, who
were few in number owing to a renewed dispensation of sickness
and Mortality which has been permitted
again to visit poor Philadelphia

, and which
though most prevalent in the Northern &
Southern extremities of the City has spread
pretty generally thro' it, and driven the
Greater part of the inhabitants from their
Homes; and by the latest accounts I have
received of those that remain, from fifty
to sixty are daily removed from this muta
ble state—

I (with my family) have been removed