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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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consequence of the decrease of some of the first
members of the Indian Committee

(their names,
however, not given,) and a distant situation and
other causes preventing the attendance of many,
it was believed a benefit might arise from the
discontinuance of the present Committee, and the
appointment of another.

Their report was read, and their request for a
new Committee

considered at Baltimore Yearly
, held by adjournments from the 10th
day of 10th month, to the 14th of the same in-
clusive, 1803; and at the next meeting of the
members of the Committee, on the 14th of 10th
month, 1803, a minute of the Yearly Meeting
informed them of the appointment of the follow-
ing Friends to constitute a Committee on Indian
; they were desired by the minute of
their appointment, to pay such attention to the
interesting concern as they may be enabled to
render, to wit:

Evan Thomas, Isaac Tyson, Joel Wright, Israel Wilson, Elisha Tyson, Henry Mills, Edward Stabler, Jonas Cattell, George Ellicott, David Greave, Jonathan Wright, Elias Ellicott, Gerard T. Hopkins, Jonathan Ellicott, John Ellicott, Benjamin Ellicott, Asa Moore, Philip E. Thomas, Caleb Bently, Thomas Moore, William Kirk, Samuel Snowden, Wm. Stabler. of Sandy Spring.